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Welcome to the eDigg free online crossword puzzles. All of these puzzles are free to play online. Most are general knowledge crosswords, however some may be harder to solve than others. Enjoy!
America Crossword Puzzles
   American Outlaws and Bad Guys - infamous outlaws, serial killers, and all-round bad guys.
   American Heroes - America has it's fair share of heroes.
   The American Civil War - the war that opened wounds that have not yet completely healed.
   20th Century American History - discover a few tidbits from American history.
   American Presidents - how complete is your knowledge of American Presidents?
   American Cities - how much do you know about some of America's largest cities?
Entertainment Crossword Puzzles
   Classic Books and Authors - stories that will forever endure.
   Classic Television Shows - some of the famous people and events of our favorite past-time.
   Childrens Books and Stories - the tales and exploits of great heroes and villians.
   At The Movies - facts and people involved in the creation of our favorite films.
   Famous Actors - a few actors from the thousands of great movies and TV shows.
General Knowledge Crossword Puzzles
   General Knowledge Crossword Puzzle One - The first general knowledge crossword puzzle.
   General Knowledge Crossword Puzzle Two - Another general knowledge crossword puzzle.
   General Knowledge Crossword Puzzle Three - Yet another general knowledge crossword puzzle.
   General Knowledge Crossword Puzzle Four - The fourth general knowledge crossword puzzle.
   General Knowledge Crossword Puzzle Five - The fifth and final general knowledge crossword puzzle.
History Crossword Puzzles
   Wars of the Past - they create, destroy, and unfortunately seems to be inevitable.
   World History - Discover just a few tidbits about the history of this planet.
   More World History - more history and events of this planet of ours.
   Inventors and Inventions - our thirst for ways to make things easier, or more productive never ends.
Music Crossword Puzzles
   Pop Hits From the Past - music has always helped us define the way we think and feel.
   Rock and Roll - test your knowledge of just a portion of the much great music we love.
   Classical Music - test your knowledge of some of the more common Classical Music tidbits.
   Music and Musicians - let music calm the savage beast with this puzzle.
Nature and Science Crossword Puzzles
   Oceans Seas and Waterways - there are thousands of lakes, rivers, oceans seas, and waterways.
   More Oceans Seas and Waterways - a second crossword puzzle on the waterways of the world.
   Birds and Flying Things - covers not just birds, but other flying creatures as well.
   Geography - This puzzle takes you through just some of the incredible facts about this planet.
   The Human Body - we are fearfully and wonderfully made.
   Science and Nature - explore some of the wonderful facts of our world.
   Space - past the Milky Way, and into a universe of wonder.
   Animals and other Creatures - Test your knowledge of just a few of the hundreds of different animals.
   More Animals - some of the loved, and fearsome creatures that live on this planet of ours.
Crossword Puzzles About People
   Leaders and Rulers - some of the most well-known, most loved or most hated.
   Fictional Characters - some of the strange and wonderful things we dream up.
   Peoples of the World - cultural distinctions and traditions make this world a fun place to explore.
   Who Said It? - Famous Quotes - just a few of the many famous quotes, by famous people.
   Who Am I? - can you name the famous people in this puzzle?
   Bible Characters - test your knowledge on just a few of the more common Bible characters.
Sports and Recreation Crossword Puzzles
   Games and Recreation - there are many things we do to fill our spare hours.
   Sports in General - we are created with the desire to compete against others.
   The Olympic Games - the first of the modern Olympics took place in 1896.
   NHL Hockey - hockey has grown to become one of our favorite sports.
   Baseball History - how well do you know your Major League baseball history?
Crossword Puzzles About The World Around Us
   Places in the World - there are a million fascinating places to visit.
   More Places in the World - second crossword puzzle on Places in the World takes you to a few more of them.
   World Religions - a tour through many of the world's religions and traditions.
   Languages of the World - the ultimate crossword puzzle on authentic languages of the world.
   Capital Cities of the World - learn about some capital cities that you don't know.
Themed Crossword Puzzles
   Animals That Are Not Animals - The answers are animal names, but the questions, are not!
   Clothes and Costumes - explores some of the classic types of clothes and costumes.
   Money and Currency - from gold to paper, money is a very useful thing to have.
   Technology - the ever advancing world of technology keeps us on our toes.
   Medicine - the way scientists and physicians were able to improve human life.
   Food and Drinks - our world is filled with many exotic foods, refreshing drinks, and gourmet treats.
   Transportation - a few of the ways that we get around.
   Measurement - it seems that everything on earth needs to be measured.
   Fill in the Blank Quotations - find the missing word in this collection of familiar everyday quotations.
   More Fill in the Blank Quotations - the second collection of familiar everyday quotations. Find the missing word.

Each crossword puzzle on this site is a free crossword puzzle. Each online crossword puzzle is for your personal use. We offer this free online crossword puzzle for your online entertainment. Free easy crossword puzzles are a great way to expand your knowledge, and have fun at the same time!

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